Questions to Ask Yourself When Reflecting on Teaching


1. What struggles did you have with behavior? How did you try to manage this display of behavior?

2. How does a noisy classroom feel when you are a learner? How does a noisy classroom feel when you are a teacher?

3. What does your noisy classroom make you feel about your lesson?

4. Teaching in a team is a challenge for a number of reasons? Out of the following, which were some things you struggled with (make sure you explain every one you pick) PICK AT LEAST 2:

-Balancing voices during the lesson. Did everyone do enough talking? Why do you think that happened?

-Balancing personalities in your team. What personalities worked well together? How’d your personality fit in with everyone else’s?

-Having our supplies ready. Were there enough supplies? Did the handouts work out?

-Having a lesson plan to follow. Did you all know what you were doing? How’d the plan work out for you? Did it feel good to have a plan?

-Leadership. Who took leadership in what roles?

5. Do you feel like your voice got to be heard as an individual? Explain.

6. What did you do well? List 3 or more things.

7. What would you change or do over? List 2 things.

8. Talk about your confidence level before, during, and after the lesson. Were you scared, nervous, super excited? At which points did you feel these things?